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I love doing other things, too.


Life offers so many open doors and I am always eager to try out, learn and do new things. They give me inspiration, they teach me and - in the end - all those gathered stories find their ways to my songs. Here are some of my projects or things I do. 

If you are interested in any of these, please contact me or my booking partners - HERE ARE THE CONTACTS.

Vintage Mic

Singer & Speaker

I love to sing and speak: in the studio, on stage, via video-call. If you have a song, a recording, a demo or a commercial that needs a female voice, or if you need a voice for a video game, an audio book - get in touch with my booking partners, I'd love to do that!

Vocal Coach

The voice is an incredible instrument and part of ourselves. I've been teaching since I started my band and studied music in 2008. I recently extended my coaching from pop music to voice coaching for business people (presentations, remote work) since I realised that lots of people are either not aware of the impact of their voice or are struggling with it. 

Schreiben am Wasser

- for others

Some songs that I write don't feel right for myself - it's a weird thing but I have lots of songs that are looking for a home with someone else. 
Also, I am open to write with other musicians to tell more stories, to find new melodies and to contribute something good to the world.

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