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Tinta Blu


Photography by CLAUS KUHLMANN

Dancer Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen

Hey there. I am Valeria Frattini.


I'm very happy that you found your way to this page. 

I guess you'd like to know more about me and my music? Alright, let's start from the beginning...

I've always loved music and singing. When I was little, my parents knew my whereabouts by following my voice; I was constantly singing. I grew up in a rather small city and back in those days (with no social media) I grasped everything related to music: choir, recorder, piano, flute but also ballet and standard dance. 

There is one funny story of me on a boat in Greece... I was listening to a live music band and suddenly I got up, started wildly dancing across the audience, unleashed, completely in trance and I wouldn't stop. I was about 7 I think, so no, there was no drinking involved ;) 

Loving music and actually pursuing it professionally hasn't been that easy though. 


No one in my family was a musician. My social environment was pretty normal: you go to school, you study and you find a job. I had no raw model, I had no crash barriers, I didn't know if I was just naive, I didn't know if I had enough talent, I didn't know anything about music business, I didn't know what to do or what to expect. I was kind of lost in my dream. I didn't even have the guts to express my wish to become a singer since it was so far from the regular. My loving parents supported me with every music class and step I wanted to take but this "music thing" was really out of the box. 

Fortunately, I came across a voice teacher, I put myself out there for solos at school and finally spent a high school year in Colorado, USA. Maybe because people there approached music differently (they gave music a higher status), maybe because I was simply far away from home - I really don't know, but I found self-confidence and I found my way to my very first self-written song.

After that, I followed my voice - literally. 

I had a band called "the sun" for a very short time, then "Valeria & Band" and finally I started my path as "Valeria Frattini" in 2010. We played live in several clubs and locations and recorded the album "di lato" in 2012 in Hanover. It was a fabulous time and oh yes, I still love that album so much! 


Then, I moved to Rome, to my second home country and took up all impressions and emotions I could. Basically, I only wrote music during that year. It was a cure for my soul and a strengthening of my roots. But Berlin was calling and so I moved again and recorded the live EP "tra roma and berlin" (2015).


"Tinta Blu" was released in 2017 and the live recording "decidere" in 2018. Obviously, I was playing live all the time: several concerts, tours, TV appearance.


Traveling and a reappearing wanderlust has always been a big part of my life and I was lucky enough to be able to see many parts of the world already. 2019 was quite a year for that and when I finally stopped, I realised that I was running away from one question:


What's next? 

It took me a long time to clear my mind and heart. They were clouded by all the obstacles of life and music business that I had come across. I don't think I have to say much: but all that glitters is not gold. My travels helped me to push those clouds away. 


I found out that I am still that naive girl that writes music because of music itself. I do and write music because of that inner voice that needs to come out; because I love to share my melodies, stories and feelings with other people; because I believe in the power of music; because I want to do some little good in the world and music is one of the purest ways of doing it. 

Since I'm stubborn and naive I'll continue doing exactly that. 

I am writing new songs - as usual :) Only this time, I'll give myself time. You'll hear new music, for sure.

Be kind. 

Tanti saluti,

Valeria Frattini

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